Welcome to Oceans in Glass, where the staff is both friendly and knowledgeable.
Our team consists of a group of fish enthusiasts: John, Frank, Steve, Dave and Chris who became good friends through our love of this hobby. Our aquariums have brought many years of enjoyment to each of us and our families and friends. We started as hobbyists, and then became professionals, but we are still hobbyists at heart. We are all committed to providing you with the best service and advice possible, and treating you like a fellow hobbyist.
It is our primary goal to promote the long term survival of our hobby. Therefore, we make every attempt to purchase livestock from the best sources in the world. We support captive breeding and all areas of the world that collect specimens by hand or net.
Our staff collectively has many years of professional experience in all aspects of the aquarium hobby. Additionally, we have also performed hundreds of aquarium installations and currently service many of those aquariums today.
Let us help you build your Ocean in Glass today!!